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Fang pendant

The wolf's fang amulet is a pendant that attracts the eyes of people around. Contributes to the achievement of the goal no matter what. Allows you to correctly calculate where to demonstrate strength, dexterity, wisdom, and where to remain calm and confident.


The talisman of the wolf's fang has rightfully gained popularity all over the world. Our ancestors used it to protect their home from evil spirits. They believed in his ability to surround housing with such a powerful barrier through which no evil spirit could penetrate.


There is a belief that such a talisman allows the one to whom it belongs to be confident and remain calm in any case.
If you lack self-discipline, but have a great desire to independently build your life, listening to your inner voice, you need to purchase a talisman - a wolf's fang.

The wolf's fang amulet means:

The importance of this amulet for males is important. He gives his owner not only physical strength, but also makes him strong in an intimate sense.
The amulet attracts wealth and is considered a symbol of fertility.
Prevents damage to the owner and the evil eye, is considered a talisman of health.
The fang of a wolf gives the person who wears it a special attraction for the opposite sex.
Sharpens the owner's sense of justice and is a symbol of calmness.
The talisman gives the owner a sense of independence, makes him dexterous, sharpens intuition.
It helps in moving towards the cherished goal, adds self-confidence.

Children's amulet 

Also, the wolf's fang amulet serves as protection for newborns from a bad eye, black thoughts, envy and damage. It is no coincidence that parents used to hang a wolf's tooth over a child's cradle.
In order for the baby to grow strong and healthy teeth, he was allowed to gnaw on a wolf's fang. And for naughty and whiny children, mothers hung a talisman around their necks, since, according to legend, he is able to calm down, make a child disciplined.
The wolf's fang is primarily a male amulet. It is believed that he helps to improve the climate in the team. It was given to a young man going to serve in the army. He allowed the young man to become a leader, defended in those cases when he had to show courage and courage.

For women

Ladies, at times, used the talisman of a wolf's fang for a love spell for a beloved man. For young girls wearing a wolf's fang, it contributes to the acquisition of a second half. A girl with such a talisman around her neck becomes the center of male attention.
This influence of the talisman can be explained by the special devotion of the wolves, who yearn for a very long time, having lost their loved ones. Hence the belief that the fang of a wolf contributes to the creation of a strong family and allows you to maintain love throughout your life.

How to wear a talisman?

If you have a wolf fang pendant, of course, on your neck, if you have a bracelet, put it on your wrist. The talisman is suitable for both women and men.
The beneficial effect of the amulet on the well-being of the owners is noted: after a while your skin will be transformed, and after two to three weeks the general condition will become better.


This amulet made from a real wolf tooth is very fragile and requires careful wearing. The hot summer sun and exposure to water are harmful to him.
In general, the wolf's tooth is your reliable protection. In difficult situations, he will give you strength, calmness, good luck in life.